We Are Wiuma.

We are the ones who like to collect satisfied clients, the ones who are with you in every stage of the projects and the ones who provide you the service not in just the way you want but also make it more innovative. We do not only love our job,we also do the job that we love.

We are a freelance studio idea which doesn’t have a certain Office and can work all over the World and be with you during all the process. Of course not being able to serve you a cup of coffee in our own place does upset us a little but we choose to see the bright side; we come to you, we get a change to know you better and choose to listen and understand your Project directly with you and still drink a coffee together, and then we get back in our way to putting the whole thing in process. In fact with this circumstances we can provide you legendary 7/24 client service.

With all this details, We Are Wiuma.

What are we doing?


Fast, practical, useful and multiple platform support. We are with you in your Corporate our Personal ideas.


We provide the marketing seo, analysis and testing services of the idea you want to create in Android and iOS platforms.


The visibilty on internet of your Project and the analysis and developing of your Project, the optimization of your ad’s and your happiness is important to us.


We don’t want your idea just to stay as a product, we also want to turn it into a brand. We are building a strategy and guide you on your Corporate Identity Works.


If the things got serious or start to making you too tired; we can lighten your burdon by helping you with Desktop Developing, Server Hosting, Production and several care services.


Social Media and Graphics determines the future of your idea. We are planning to increase the flowing of your target groups and handle all of your graphical needs with the Golden Ratio. Cheers to Phidias and Da Vinci.